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A Look at the Major Erectile Dysfunction Pills

The most widespread treatment regimen for men suffering from erectile dysfunction in the 21st century are medications, are erectile dysfunction pills. Over the course of the past decade, there have been three major brands of erectile dysfunction pills that have ended up on the market and that are proven effective in assisting many men. When it comes to erectile dysfunction pills, the three major brands on the market are: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Of the three brands of erectile dysfunction pills, Viagra is the most widely sold. At the present time, hundreds of thousands of men can be found taking Viagra. As far as erectile dysfunction pills go, Viagra is a medication that is taken directly before a man plans to engage in sexual activity. Many men have found Viagra to be very effective in aiding in resolving different types of erectile dysfunction.

Unlike Viagra, the other two major erectile dysfunction pills (Cialis and Levitra) are designed a bit differently. Cialis and Levitra have more long term effects. In other words, Cialis and Levitra do not need to be ingested immediately prior to the commencement of sexual activity. These two erectile dysfunction pills can be taken a significant amount of time before sexual activity occurs and will be effective.

When it comes to erectile dysfunction pills, many men like the idea that with Viagra they can ingest the medication exactly when they are anticipating a sexual encounter. They feel an element of control over any potential dysfunction. On the other hand, some men like the flexibility that erectile dysfunction pills like Cialia and Levitra provide. A man can take one or another of these two erectile dysfunction pills and have breathing room to allow events transpire before engaging in direct sexual activity.

Because each of the major brands of erectile dysfunction pills have different effects and indications, it is important that a man consult seriously with his doctor before embarking on any treatment program that include the use of erectile dysfunction pills. In addition, a man needs to be fully aware of the side effects of the various erectile dysfunction pills. There are some medical conditions that can be aggravated through the use of erectile dysfunction pills.

Of course, if you have found yourself afflicted with or suffering from some sort of erectile dysfunction, it is vital that you consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor very well may prescribe for you erectile dysfunction pills. However, there are a number of different types of treatment options available to a man suffering from erectile dysfunction in this day and age. By consulting with your doctor, you will be able to find out what course of treatment is best suited to your condition and needs.

Erectile Dysfunction: A Prelude to Heart Disease

The results from an extensive research study involving men's health issues has revealed that men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction are at higher risk for clogged arteries and heart disease generally. The study demonstrated that men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are significantly more likely to also have the beginning signs of atherosclerosis (hardening or the arteries). Atherosclerosis occurs when plaque builds up in the arteries.

At the present time, researchers have not yet concluded as to whether or not erectile dysfunction and hardening of the arteries are related directly. In other words, researchers have not determined if the same underlying health condition or problem causes both ailments simultaneously or whether they have separate underlying causes with erectile dysfunction serving as an effective warning signal for future, potential heart related problems.

What researchers did recommend, based on the results of the long term study, was for a man diagnosed with erectile dysfunction to have further tests to determine whether he has any of the early symptoms associated with atherosclerosis. If there is even an inkling that plaque may be building up in the arteries, coupled with erectile dysfunction, a man should receive high priority for an aggressive course of coronary artery disease treatment.

In the clinical study, 70 men with erectile dysfunction were paired with 73 men without the disorder. The men were all of similar age, with an average age of 51. The men with erectile dysfunction generally had higher levels of C-reactive protein, a protein which is used to predict future cardiovascular problems. Indeed, the men with erectile dysfunction had C-reactive levels more than twice as high as the men who were not diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

(As an aside, the men with erectile dysfunction were also found more often to have impaired blood flow in the brachial artery located in the upper arm -- which is another predictor of potential cardiovascular disease. This symptom was found in a significant number of the men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction.)

Researchers are speculating that the atherosclerosis symptoms actually may be showing up in the penis first due to the smaller arteries located in the penis. Such a linkage corroborates the concept that erectile dysfunction and heart disease may be intricately intertwined.

Despite the fact that the study's conclusions are rather tentative at this juncture, the underlying evidence is strong enough to suggest that a man in his late 40s or early 50s (and older) who finds himself afflicted with erectile dysfunction should take the additional step of determining whether he is also afflicted with the early stages of cardiovascular disease. Indeed, taking such a step may actually be a lifesaving move on his part. There is also a possibility that if cardiovascular disease is directly related to an erectile dysfunction condition, treatment for the cardiovascular disease may also work to alleviate some of the problems associated with the erectile dysfunction.

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Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction

How is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed - A Look at Diagnostic Techniques in the 21st Century

If you are suffering form a condition that you believe to be erectile dysfunction, you may be wondering exactly how erectile dysfunction diagnosed. You may be wondering what you have to anticipate when you seek assistance, advice and care from a doctor in regard to a suspected case of erectile dysfunction. Through this article, you are provided some basic information and viagra generic online reference points as to how erectile dysfunction diagnosed.

In turning to how is erectile dysfunction diagnosed, Rx Viagra Store one of the primary courses of diagnosis is a physical examination. The purpose of a physical examination is to detect whether there are any systemic problems associated with a suspected case of erectile dysfunction. Through a physical examination, a doctor can detect whether there might be a problem with the nervous system, the endocrine system, the circulatory system or the presence of a disease or injury that may be the root and fundamental cause of a suspected case of erectile dysfunction. The physical examination involved in detecting one or another or the conditions, diseases or injuries generally described generally is a simple process.

In many instances, when it comes to how erectile dysfunction(Viagra Online) is diagnosed, a doctor will suggest that you undergo laboratory tests. These tests can include both urine and blood sampling. These tests can help detect diseases and other problems, including a low testosterone level. Through blood and urine tests, your doctor can also obtain a lipid profile, measurements of creatinine and liver enzymes. Problems with the endocrine system can also be determined through the use of laboratory testing.

There are some viagra online other tests that can be employed by a doctor. For example, Viagra Canadian Pharmacy Online nocturnal erections can be monitored to determine if these is a psychological basis for erectile dysfunction. (Men who are healthy have involuntary erections during sleep. If these erections do occur, and if a man otherwise is having a problem achieving an erection when he is awake, the root cause of the condition likely is psychological. On the other hand, if nocturnal erections do not occur, the underlying cause of the erectile dysfunction condition likely is physical.)

Finally, when it comes to how is erectile dysfunction diagnosed, Generic Cialis there are psychological examinations that can be useful. There include interviews and questionnaires that reveal psychological factors that might have caused the erectile dysfunction. In some instances, a person's sexual partner is brought levitra online into the process as well.

In the end, when it comes to how erectile dysfunction is diagnosed, Canadian Pharmacy no Prescription there are a number of different methods available to determine what exactly the root cause of an erectile dysfunction condition is.

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